The importance of Travel and Wildlife Conservation

Mark and Sophie Hutchinson care about the future of wildlife and the places they need to thrive and live out their lives. They are concerned with big companies who come in and pollute the rivers and over populate the area, so that wild life cannot continue to grow, while people lose the precious places on Earth they enjoy so much. Their philanthropic ideas have led them to provide incredible travel destinations to people looking for the experience of a lifetime. They hope to inspire people, through their wildlife experience, to understand what is at stake and join in the fight for wildlife conservation. All of these destinations are eco-friendly and help ensure the safety of the region for future generations.


Enjoy a luxury, African Safari with a private guide by Africa Born. You will visit East Africa to the Indian Ocean regions. Your own likes and dislikes are taken into account, and you get to choose what activities, locations, wildlife experiences, and cultural encounters you participate in. Your package will include lodging, meals, guides, and activities. Conservation knowledge of the area is implemented into the experience. Exploring the terrain of the area, bird-watching, visiting the Kenyan coast to fly fish, expeditions for kite-surfing, local village visitations, diving with sharks, or tagging slow moving, green turtles are all possibilities for the area.


Botswana provides 320 days of beautiful weather, the biggest elephant population in the world, and well-preserved wilderness. It is the perfect place for people who enjoy photography. This trip focuses on learning how to take the winning photograph. You are guided by people who understand photography and the scenery needed for the perfect picture. There are two 10 day safari’s to choose from. Use of light, panning, and other technical elements of the camera are introduced to the beginner. While plenty of wildlife, landscape, and bird photography can be taken by the most experienced photographer.

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