Get Securus Technology From Customer Feedback

Get exclusive Securus Technology features referred by actual customers on their website forum. Do you often times, feel like you’re being charged extensive fees with your current network provider? Have you been a victim of the network providers who pass down huge fees from celebrity advertised services? Securus is a truly trusted network with guaranteed proven cheaper rates than their competitors. You get live customer support with your new or current account. You can have a secure link with the ones you love or care about in a correctional facility. Join Securus today and share your story on their forum.


Securus Preferred Services


There are many preferred features with the Securus network, but one continues to stand out among their customers. Their voicemail feature is a great way to leave an inmate a message, if you have their state issued id number, leave them a facility approved message today. Stop by to say hello or their legal counsel can leave them a message to prepare for a hearing.


inmate online photos

– online email

– crime prevention forum

24 hour live support

– email stamps

– debit cards accepted

remote visitation


Join the elite Securus Technologies family today.


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