US Money Reserve Was Part Of A Big Disaster Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey will never be forgotten by the many Texans whose life it turned upside down. But even during this tragedy there were amazing stories of generosity and how people selflessly took what they could out of their own wallets to give to relief efforts. Among those was US Money Reserve who partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and matched $100,000 in donations. The fund went through the YouCaring network where JJ Watt of the NFL’s Houston Texans also fundraised.


US Money Reserve definitely helped many Texans get assistance during a troubled time, but they also prepare many people for even more difficult times. They sell gold and silver bullion as a way to invest in wealth protection when financial problems that big banks can’t resolve come. They sell these precious metals in a variety of formats from commemorative coins marking major historical events, to large bricks to store in a safe. US Money Reserve also offers bullion in small denominations for investors who don’t have thousands to put in gold coins. But they also have live updates on the website letting customers know where the value of gold and silver is headed.


US Money Reserve has built their company’s trust on the people they’ve brought on to manage it, and that includes longtime accountant and former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. Diehl had been tasked with bringing the US Mint out of turbulent times and the near stoppage of its commemorative numismatics program. Diehl started taking advantage of new technologies to better organize and market the Mint’s products. By the end of his term, the Mint had a budget surplus and was generating good profits for taxpayers. Diehl also was the person behind the minting of the first platinum coin, the liberty eagle.


Diehl has helped US Money Reserve become a key place for gold information, and making the concepts of buying it easier for customers to understand. Their initial gold buying kit is free when you sign up, and you can also move any existing IRAs into precious metals. For those needing a little more help buying or returning products, US Money Reserve has live support through Client-Connect Advantage. They want to make sure customers are highly satisfied with their products, or they offer full refunds. To find out more about the gold and silver they offer, visit