Avaaz Makes a Difference

Avaaz is a civic organization that started in January 2007. It promotes activism on issues from all over the world such as climate change, human and animal rights, corruption, discrimination and poverty. It is the most powerful and unified activist network out there. The word “avaaz” comes from the Persian word for “voice” which has a similar root in other Indo-European languages. It was created in order to be the voice of the world being heard.

Avaaz was founded by Res Publica and MoveOn.org and supported by the Service Employees International Union. Since 2009 it has not taken any donations from foundations and corporations, or payments over $5000. This way it is free and does not comply with external agendas of governments and corporations. It is funded solely by the generosity of individuals.

The campaigns of Avaaz are managed by campaigners from over 30 countries. They communicate via e-mail, do online public petitions and videos. Suggestions for campaigns come from members. If the suggestion is approved, an e-mail with a poll is sent to Avaaz members and if the response rate is high enough a campaign is launched and learn more about Avaaz.

Avaaz uses practical idealism to turn the attention of the masses towards pressing problems. It supports progressive causes by putting out the public outcry. This way crucial decisions can be altered one way or another, by the pressure of the public opinion and the consequences it has on politics and more information click here.

Most movements and organized activity fall apart over time. At Avaaz the concern is not on the specifics which often cause disagreements but rather on the overall consensus and the campaigns that each one wants to participate in and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

Avaaz acknowledges the responsibility to humanity, the future generations and the whole planet. Most people who join Avaaz on one issue keep on returning again and again for other campaigns. It is the hope of building a world that we all want to see and its Linkedin.