Talks to Rick Libby, Owner of The Traveling Vineyard

Have you been looking for fun way to make extra money either full-time or part-time? Well, let me introduce you to the Traveling Vineyard. The Traveling Vineyard is a fun way to host parties and enjoy some free wine. And, while at it, make some money off your sales. Being a multi-level marketing company, The Traveling Vineyard employs wine guides who in turn sell their wines in the various parties that they get to host.

To become a wine guide is pretty easy. You do not have to use a lot of money, just the initial fee to get you a success kit, which entails accessories, educational materials and 10 bottles of wine. However, you do not have to pay this fee immediately. You can contact the company who will link you up with a wine guide in your area. From there, you can shadow their events, and if you think that they are a success, you can pay for the success kit.

With the numerous perks that come with being a wine guide, the Traveling Vineyard has managed to win over 5,000 wine guides operating in 40 states in the US. Talking to Rick Libby, got to learn more about the company. During the interview he said that the idea for wine multi-level marketing came to him some 16 years ago. Then, he had been asked to come up with a new sales strategy that would help a company boost its sales. It was during his interaction with a friend that he learnt that wine could make huge direct sales if multi-level marketing was utilized. That was when he bought The Traveling Vineyard.

To remain ahead of its competitors, Traveling Vineyard ensures that new ideas are never ignored. They encourage the team to share new ideas, which lead to the development of new technologies to improve the company. For example, they have Sommology, which helps guides to pair foods and wines. Currently, they have a mobile app, Awesomm, which helps wines guides to easily place their orders and for them to conveniently plan their tasks.

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