Middlebury Fellowship

As a 2009 Fellow in Environmental Journalism,
I was given financial support to report any story I chose.

I decided to investigate the environmental legacy of the auto industry, focusing on Indiana's factory belt.

After a few months reporting, I discovered that the automakers' pollution had a paradoxical effect: It slowed economic recovery while speeding up the adoption of "green" development policies.


The old Nicholson File plant in Anderson, Indiana

I wrote four articles based on this research.

Rust Belt rising, OnEarth

GM and Chrysler bankruptcies foreshadow big problems for Gulf cleanup, Huffington Post

Old factories offer new hope for wildlife, E Magazine

The incredible shrinking city, E Magazine

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Fund for
Environmental Journalism

In 2012, I surveyed 30 of the nation's largest urban farms and visited farm clusters in Philadelphia and Cleveland.


Moon Dog Farms in downtown Denver

To date, I have written four articles for Grist based on this research, with several more in process:

How numbers can save urban farms

What happens when urban farms get too big?

Growing Power scores $5 million to feed nation's hungriest cities

Perfume uses local ingredients to bottle Windy City’s essence

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