Christian Science Monitor

Last year, I started blogging for the Monitor's gardening page.

The failed promise of edible landscaping
We are missing an important opportunity to feed our communities.

How I became the smallest farmer in the Midwest.
I specialize in hard-to-eat crops.

School gardens serve a vital purpose
The survival of the planet may depend on these patches of earth beside the swings.

Dandelions reconsidered
The solution to dandelions in the lawn is to eat the weed.

Urban gardens take root in unconventional places
Carrots grown on a basketball court, anyone?

E Magazine

I cover green jobs and urban policy for the magazine.

Demolition city
As vacant houses come down, how can we reduce the waste?

The new environmental frontier
It isn't space. It's the inner city.

Fighting Goliath in Michigan's dunes
Only one thing can stop billionaire Aubrey McClendon: these activists.

For the love of kimchi
One of Denver's most valuable pieces of land has been given over to growing cabbages.

Mental Floss

I have blogged for this trivia syndicate since 2007.

Americans who won the Nobel Prize in Literature
Eight famous authors who were stranger than you'd believe.

The likelihood of death
A morbid quiz based on actuarial data.

Love potions
Six surprising aphrodisiacs that work--sort of.

Unusual mental illnesses
If you compulsively pluck your hair or worry about your genitals falling off, you better read this.

Creepy crawlies
This blog on human parasites gives meaning to the phrase "hostess with the mostess."

Geography on tap
Do you know where your favorite beer is brewed? Take this quiz to find out.

Round 2: Domestic beers

Buried under the bleachers
A peek beneath stadiums built on landfills.

Tasty tidbits about Spam
The canned meat, not the junk email. It has a surprising number of fans.

Crazy Cold War recipes
<< Wondering what to eat in your fallout shelter?

World's worst smell
Who would pay scientists to make an unprecedented stench? Uncle Sam.