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Get exclusive Securus Technology features referred by actual customers on their website forum. Do you often times, feel like you’re being charged extensive fees with your current network provider? Have you been a victim of the network providers who pass down huge fees from celebrity advertised services? Securus is a truly trusted network with guaranteed proven cheaper rates than their competitors. You get live customer support with your new or current account. You can have a secure link with the ones you love or care about in a correctional facility. Join Securus today and share your story on their forum.


Securus Preferred Services


There are many preferred features with the Securus network, but one continues to stand out among their customers. Their voicemail feature is a great way to leave an inmate a message, if you have their state issued id number, leave them a facility approved message today. Stop by to say hello or their legal counsel can leave them a message to prepare for a hearing.


inmate online photos

– online email

– crime prevention forum

24 hour live support

– email stamps

– debit cards accepted

remote visitation


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Sahm Adrangi’s Details Creates Wealth

Sahm Adrangi, Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital, is a detailed, thorough man who clearly, loves his job.

Mr. Adrangi, a graduate of Yale, gained the depth of his knowledge early on by logging many hours with some of the biggest investment companies in the game, including Deutsch Bank and Longacre Fund Management, before founding Kerrisdale Capital.

Sahm Adrangi’s love of investing shines through with his research. He is a detailed researcher and focuses much of his time within the biotech, mining and telecommunication industries. He has a talent at digging directly into the crux of a company’s strengths and weakness quickly. He considers all matter of corporate, environmental, legal and current political climate when doing his research allowing Sahm Adrangi to present a detailed snap-shot of the researched company to his investors, and read full article.

While he could keep his research expertise to himself, Sahm Adrangi prefers to share. Kerrisdale Capital provides a regular investment commentary page, where anyone can view his research. He regularly speaks at numerous conferences, including the Sohn Conference and the Activist Investor Conference.

The research Mr. Adrangi provides and publishes provides valuable protection to investors. He has exposed fraudulent Chinese companies to SEC sanctions and his research exposed several unviable claims in biotech research and mining operations, an example of the latter is seen in his Seeking Alpha article on northern dynasty minerals.

The solidness in research, along with his genius for using often ignored investment methods, has allowed his firm, Kerrisdale Capital to become such a trusted financial advisor, currently managing 150 million, and Sahm Adrangi’s lacrosse camp.

Sahm Adrangi’s continued presence within the investment world is an asset that his helpful to all investors. With his comprehensive research and dedication to exposing unrealistic and fraudulent securities, he has increased the wealth of many and has become a leader in the investment world, and Sahm Adrangi on Facebook.

Jeremy Goldstein explains knockout options to corporations

Over the years, many large corporations have started no longer offering employees stock options as incentives included in their benefits packages. Many companies stopped offering the options strictly to save money. However there are a few other reasons that have convinced employers to stop offering stock options. Learn more:


  1. Employees lose the chance to sell their options if the stock’s value severely drops. Despite that, the company still has to file all related expenses, while shareholders also may face option overhang.


  1. Employees have become less comfortable with this type of employee benefit, because they know that the economy can cause changes in the stock market, causing options to lose their value. When their options become worthless, employees options are akin to playing free money promotions in the casino, as opposed to earning real cash.


  1. The accountants prefer not having to track options. The financial costs related to these options may outweigh any potential benefits. Employees often say they would rather receive better salaries. If companies eliminate options from their benefits package, then they have the money to give pay raises.


Despite all the negatives, some companies would still rather offer stock options over increased wages. By offering stock options, each employees receives the same compensation. Stock options have become easier for employees to understand. Also stock options earnings rise, only when the value of the company’s shares increase. Because of that, employees will likely work harder to keep their company successful and find creative ways to make sure their stock options increase in value.


Jeeremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer with more than 15 years experience. He specializes in corporate governance and executive pay. He is the co-founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He is based in New York City, New York. Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in many of the top corporate transactions.

Bradesco’s Continued Prosperity In The Coming Months All Rests On The Shoulders Of The Bank’s New Chairman, Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Every few years in a company’s life, leadership has to change hands. It is an integral process in every organization hoping to maintain a perpetual existence. The latest organization to find itself in this position is Banco Bradesco. The Brazilian bank last month replaced long-serving chairman, Lazaro Brandao with Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The bank is now looking for a new president to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco – the man who has been serving as president for the last eight years.

Who will be the New President?

According to Banco Bradesco is in no hurry to name a new president. According to the bank’s bylaws, Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s replacement will be announced at the next shareholders’ meeting, next set for March 2018. That, however, has not stopped people from speculating on who the next president might be. Going by Banco Bradesco’s culture, it is widely expected that the president will be chosen from among the top crop leaders currently serving at the bank. In particular, the most experienced vice presidents are considered by many to be the strongest candidates: Alexander da Silva Gluher, Mauricio Machados Minas, Octavio Lazari and Josue Pancini

Read more: Bradesco to Choose Board Member as New President, says Trabuco

Striving to Remain Competitive

Succession periods can be quite problematic for organizations. Competitors can sometimes take advantage of the uncertainty around such periods to wrestle away market share. For the last few years, Banco Bradesco has been engaged in a strong battle with Itau Unibanco for the top position among private banks. For more than 50 years, Banco Bradesco was the holder of the coveted position but unfortunately lost it to Itau Unibanco in 2008. Itau Unibanco bust into the scene in 2008 when mid-tier banks, Banco Itau and Unibanco merged to form a gigantic financial institution. In the nine years that have passed since Banco Bradesco has gained significant ground on its largest competitor. The 2015 acquisition of HSBC Brazil, in particular, drew Banco Bradesco closer to regaining its lost position. The $5.2 billion deal took the bank past Itau Unibanco in the areas of the number of customers, branch network coverage and the total value of investments. Banco Bradesco, however, still lags behind in some important metrics, including asset value. As such, with Banco Bradesco being closer than ever to overtaking Itau Unibanco, it is of paramount importance that the process of selecting a new president goes on smoothly.

Bigger Role for Luiz Carlos Trabuco

To ensure that Banco Bradesco remains stable throughout the entire succession process, the bank’s board has decided to retain Luiz Carlos Trabuco as president for the next few months. Therefore, he will be serving as both the chairman and president of the large financial institution. His continued stay as president, albeit in an acting capacity, will settle any nerves that customers and investors may have. After all, he is the most experienced employee at the bank, having been working there for close to five decades. He has also been at the center of innovative moves made by the Bradesco brand in the last couple of years.

As the new chairman, in addition to overseeing the process of choosing a new president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will also oversee the expansion of the bank’s board. The board is currently constituted of eight members – a figure that is increasingly being seen as too small relative to the bank’s size. While it is not known exactly when this expansion will take place, the bank would be best served if it occurred sooner rather than later. An expanded board will assist both Luiz Carlos Trabuco and the incoming president with fresh perspectives and ideas.

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Richard Blaire, Wealth Management Expert

With a background of teaching in his family, Richard Blair grew up witnessing the effects teaching has on one’s confidence. Richard felt that there was no better place to have confidence then in how one’s own assets and wealth are managed. The environment Richard was raised in laid a solid foundation that when combined with his passion for finance gave birth to Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory firm (RIA) based in Austin, Texas founded by Blair in 1994.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions serves his community determinedly by growing, protecting, and managing his clients’ assets. With years of experience Richard has many qualifications and certifications to his name, including CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS. The most important thing to the founder of Wealth Solutions are the financial goals of the individuals in his community. Richard is determined to provide all his clients with wealth management services and retirement planning that they can feel confident in.


In order to serve their clients holistically, Wealth Solutions has developed a comprehensive three pillar plan used to quickly identify their clients’ current financial situation and retirement needs.


In pillar one, Blair and his team use a needs identifier process in order to bring to light the clients’ strengths, weaknesses, goals, risk tolerance, and growth opportunities. By doing this Wealth Solutions is better equipped to make sound recommendations to their clients.


In pillar two, Wealth Solutions works to develop a strategy that is long-term and coincides with the clients’ needs and goals. The plan, tailored to the clients’ needs, ensures maximum performance of the clients’ portfolio. Wealth Solutions reallocates and manages their clients’ assets in a way that has incredible upside potential while still guarding against risk during a down market.


Pillar three is the last and final pillar to Wealth Solutions’ comprehensive plan. In pillar three, Richard’s team takes a look at their clients’ insurance needs – specifically, long-term care, life insurance, and annuities. Wealth Solutions looks for opportunities to secure their clients in the event of any sort of accident that may result in the inability to continue to earn income.


Richard Blair’s decision to serve his community by creating financial confidence for his clients has helped many people. Today, Richard’s wide span of knowledge continues to assist him in providing sound and goal-driven wealth management advice. Through Wealth Solutions, clients can feel confident that their retirement needs are met and their investments will grow safely.


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US Money Reserve Was Part Of A Big Disaster Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey will never be forgotten by the many Texans whose life it turned upside down. But even during this tragedy there were amazing stories of generosity and how people selflessly took what they could out of their own wallets to give to relief efforts. Among those was US Money Reserve who partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and matched $100,000 in donations. The fund went through the YouCaring network where JJ Watt of the NFL’s Houston Texans also fundraised.


US Money Reserve definitely helped many Texans get assistance during a troubled time, but they also prepare many people for even more difficult times. They sell gold and silver bullion as a way to invest in wealth protection when financial problems that big banks can’t resolve come. They sell these precious metals in a variety of formats from commemorative coins marking major historical events, to large bricks to store in a safe. US Money Reserve also offers bullion in small denominations for investors who don’t have thousands to put in gold coins. But they also have live updates on the website letting customers know where the value of gold and silver is headed.


US Money Reserve has built their company’s trust on the people they’ve brought on to manage it, and that includes longtime accountant and former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. Diehl had been tasked with bringing the US Mint out of turbulent times and the near stoppage of its commemorative numismatics program. Diehl started taking advantage of new technologies to better organize and market the Mint’s products. By the end of his term, the Mint had a budget surplus and was generating good profits for taxpayers. Diehl also was the person behind the minting of the first platinum coin, the liberty eagle.


Diehl has helped US Money Reserve become a key place for gold information, and making the concepts of buying it easier for customers to understand. Their initial gold buying kit is free when you sign up, and you can also move any existing IRAs into precious metals. For those needing a little more help buying or returning products, US Money Reserve has live support through Client-Connect Advantage. They want to make sure customers are highly satisfied with their products, or they offer full refunds. To find out more about the gold and silver they offer, visit



Aloha construction’s unique connection to construction and philanthropy

The construction industry has steadily been recovering from some turbulent times it is set to become one of the highest employers in the country providing quality jobs that are sustainable over the long run. The promise by the government to inject around one trillion dollars has also been a positive indicator for the sector and this may mean that the expansion of the industry may be more rapid than had been previously focused, and Aloha Construction’s lacrosse camp.

Illinois continues to be part of this rapid growth, especially in the real estate sector.Individual homes are also rapidly being developed as residents continue the quest for living the American dream and Aloha construction has been there to offer a helping hand all the way.They began as a family business that is fully insured and licensed to offer general construction services.

The company is led by its president Dave Farbaky, a very capable CEO who has been instrumental in the expansion of its operations as well as driving its specialization efforts. Aloha construction has seen its growth attract numerous project begin able to complete over fifteen thousand jobs to date, and

The company is also a very community oriented organization where it ensures that through the Dave Farbaky foundation it is constantly giving back to the community that supports its growth.It has been involved in various charitable events one of them being the recently completed partnership with Learning Express where they offered kids from the community an opportunity to go into Learning Express toy store and enjoy a shopping spree.The kids were excited as the event gave them an opportunity to experience the festive season early.

Aloha construction offers various services in construction and it is their ability to ensure professional conduct by there employees as well as timely delivery of projects that has seen them receive endorsements from all over, and

They have skilled technicians that offer various services that range from


This has been part of Aloha construction core mandate since its inception.They work with various materials as well as diverse designs that help articulate the client’s individual tastes and preferences while giving the house a strong and durable roof.


The importance of a well-fitting gutter is always a key concern for most clients.Water damage is a very serious threat and to this end, Aloha construction is a perfect fit for the job.

Jason Hope Has Strong Belief In The Internet of Things

Jason Hope can better be defined as a futurist. The entrepreneur believes that the new era of business and studies will revolve around technology with most users highly depending on the application of technology to survive. Hope has been defined as a successful author, entrepreneur and technologist. His focus is embedded in the application of technology to succeed in life. Perhaps what better defines this passion is his success as an individual. Hope has been applying technology in different sectors of business. He has managed to uphold his name in this regard.


Background information

Jason Hope has vast skills in business. That is why in his interview with IdeaMensch, he is quoted citing that business professionals should focus more on one project before handling another. Jason believes that often, businesses fail because handlers concentrate on more than one project. This is a habit that most business proprietors should ensure is addressed. Hope also believes that this habit vastly affects the progress of core projects. It is his hope that entrepreneurs learn to handle one project at a time.

How the 'Internet of Things' could be fatal #IoT @Harri8t

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 4, 2016

Why Hope believes in IoT

Jason has built a name for himself in the industry of technology and business. He is known for his skills in entrepreneurship. Most importantly, Jason has concentrated on the application of the Internet of Things to succeed in business. Being a man with experience, Jason is convinced that the Internet of Things will control most businesses in future. It is through the same belief that Jason Hope has been successful in ensuring that modern society learns from experience. Hope has vast and strong academic credentials, two factors that have enabled him to succeed in business. He applies his predictions to watch the growth of different companies within the industry. Jason Hope is adamant about the latest trends and how they can blossom with the application of technology. To him, technology is in-depth. Technology defines the future, and more information click here.



According to the current technological waves, Jason Hope is confident that Internet of Things will revolutionize businesses and life in general. Hope predicts a transitional world, filled with technological trends and vital features in the modern society. He holds firm the belief that there is connectivity through modern devices. Having studied finance from the prestigious Arizona University, Hope garnered extensive experience in business and matters related to money. The experienced individual believes that through his experiences and the ability to apply technology to life, millennials shall eventually succeed, and

How Paul Mampilly Went From Helping The Rich To Helping the Middle Class Invest Their Money

As a former member of Wall Street and hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly has years of experience investing in companies. He is very skilled at this and once won the Templeton Foundation investment competition which involved competing against a group of other professional investors to see who could create the biggest gain. He left Wall Street behind because he was tired of making money for people who were already the richest 1% of the population.

Paul Mampilly is now on a mission to help the regular middle-class investor make money on the stock market. He writes a monthly newsletter called “Profits Unlimited” which is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. The newsletter includes information about one company’s stock that Paul Mampilly’s research shows is presently undervalued. People who subscribe to his newsletter often take his advice and put their investment dollars into the company he is recommending. So far that has been very profitable as in his first year of publishing “Profits Unlimited” his portfolio has generated a return of 47%.

Mampilly worked on Wall Street for 26 years. His first job, in 1991, was as an assistant portfolio manager. His ability to research stocks and make money investing led to him quickly advancing in his field. He soon found himself working for the international banking giant Deutsche Bank as well as ING, another prominent financial firm. He managed multi-million dollar accounts for these firms successfully. In 2006 he started managing a hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management which is another firm on Wall Street. When he arrived the hedge fund was worth $6 billion. He was able to turn this amount into $25 billion in not that many years which led to Barron’s hailing his hedge fund as one of the best-run ones in the world and what Paul Mampilly knows.

It is Paul Mampilly’s contention that Wall Street doesn’t do nearly enough to helping people, especially those who are middle class and just doing their best to save for retirement and other financial needs perhaps. He said it took him a year to sever his role on Wall Street so that he could pursue actually helping people.

Paul says that on Wall Street they really only cater to the super wealthy. He wanted to offer financial research that was affordable for regular people. His newsletter, with now over 60,000 subscribers, is offered at a price that people can reasonably afford and his Website.

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Securus Technologies Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is a technology company that solves the inmate and correctional experience with the use of technology. Securus Technologies has more than three decades of service to the industry with high-end capabilities when it comes to technology. Perhaps this is the reason why the company is massively adopted as the best technology solution in the inmate industry. Few companies can compare their technology levels with Securus Technologies as it has amassed a great amount of wealth solving the problems their clients experience in the correctional experience. For you to achieve independent business solutions in the inmate industry, you must always assimilate better business. It is good news to realize that Securus Technologies is keeping up to the target.


Securus Technologies is a leading technology solutions provider with a wide range of experience in the industry. The company has served the inmate industry with serviced technology that puts them at the highest levels of professional value. Because the company has a consistent end in managing their business, they have always assimilated better business values in a manner that sets them apart in the industry. This is perhaps the reason why the company is communicating their achievements towards solving the problems they face.


Securus Technologies has announced that they have received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas. The Better Business Bureau accredits a company that voluntarily chooses their business. For this reason, they will provide certain guidelines that achieve the best business in the industry. If the company decides to follow their recommendations, they will get an accreditation that will serve their best interests based on their values. For this reason, few other companies have achieved prominence working towards solving the needs of their industry. Securus Technologies has achieved the highest level of accreditation by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau.